Bilbao is a sit on top suitable for begginers, but for experimented as well. It cannot be sinked and it’s easy to store, due to it’s light weight.It’s specific shape allows maximum safety and it’s open bord is ideal to divings, swiming.

Standard features for Bilbao:

  • rubber pads on the sitting area for extra comfort
  • prova/pupa handles for transportation
  • termoformated handle on the interior side for easy transportation 
  • cooling box and cup support 
  • survival line
  • elastic stripes for little items and luggage
Lenght Width Weight Maximum load Capacity Recommended weight of driver
3.00 m 0.78 m 21kg 120 kg 1 adult+ 1 child 40-100 kg


Trinidad is a sit on top tandem kayac projected for water fun: it’s compact, stable and can have 2 adults and one child on board. It can be handdled by one or two adults simultaneously.

Specific features for the sit-on-top Trinidad kayac:

  • rubber pads on the sitting area, for extra comfort
  • thermofoermated handles for transportation
  • salvation line, elastic bands for luggage
  • feet support with three position for extra comfort
  • two integrated cup support
Lenght Width Weight Maximum load Capacity
3.59 m 0.84 m 28.5 kg 180 kg 2 adults+ 1 child (max 25 kg)


Quassou is a sit on top fun kayac ideal for rentals or for begginers. With a great hidrodynamics, it handles the vawes very well. It’s spatule shape is inspired by the surf boards and rodeo kayacs and gives this kayac stability, easy handling and easy access to the board.

Standard features for the sit on top Quassou :

  • rubber pads on the sitting areas for extra comfort in long sessions on sea
  • thermoformated handles for transportation
  • integrated feet support
  • cup support & cooler box 
Lenght Width Weight Maximum load Capacity
2.60 m 0.78 m 18 kg 110 kg 1 adult+ 1 child (max 25 kg)


Tobago is a sit-on-top kayac for the whole family. it’s excellent design and ergonomic position of chairs offers maximum stability, comfort and more posibilities of use: paddled by one, with one or two children or even by 2 adults ( maximum capacity: 250 kg!) . It’s 4 meters lenght enssures enough space for 2 adults and children, one adult can even stand without risking to fall. cannot be sinked.

Standard features of the sit-on-top Tobago kayac:

  • rubber pads on the sitting area, for extra comfort
  • thermofoermated handles for transportation
  • salvation line, elastic bands for luggage
  • feet support with three position for extra comfort
  • two integrated cup support
Lenght Width Weight Maximum load Capacity
3.95 m 0.84 m 32 kg 250 kg 2 adults+ 1 child



This paddle is ideal for home surfing a wave on lake as on sea.  It’s a surf-inspired longboard outlining solid wave performance with stability and a moderate rocker profile for versatility in flat-water conditions.

Lenght Width Weight Volume Technology
10'6" 31"1/2 26 lbs 185 Liters ACE-TEC




The unique design offers a panoramic visibility and the posibility of breathing on the nose while snorkelling. It alows you to see and breathe under water as on shore.

Available in different sizes: S, M, L



Designed for young beginner indoor or outdoor swimmers.

XBASE, the comfy swimming goggles that adapt to all face shapes thanks to patented adjustment system at bridge of the nose and the simple strap adjustment that guarantees excellent watertightness.



Long swimming paws for medium swimmers with a long, semi-rigid side for easier propulsion and muscle use.

Available in different sizes:
Women: 36-40
Men: 40-46

Others: Water Shoes, Waterproof Bag, Snorkelling Masks (classic)


Fat Bike

Ideal for rocks, grass, dirt, gravel and pavement, this bike provides off-road capabilities and everyday riding performance for the ultimate biking experience. The Mongoose fat tire mountain bike's large give you enhanced stability on different types of terrain, and the extra width helps handle bumps and obstacles in the road.

  • Frame: steel
  • Gearing: 7 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur for all types of riding
  • Brakes: dual disc brakes provide all-condition braking
  • Tires: 26" x 4" all-terrain knobby tires
  • Rims: alloy 4" wide rims for lightweight durability
  • Twist shifters change gears easily
  • 3-piece crank provides added durability
  • Threadless headset for easy adjustability
  • Assembly required with this Mongoose Men's bike
  • Dimensions: 56"L x 27"W x 38"H

Accessories: Helmet included




Discover Zanzibar

Zanzibar is of the best spots in Africa for underwater adventures .
Tourists flight here to combine a few days of relaxation with snorkeling and even starfish at the incredible colorful reefs that surround the island.
One of the best places for snorkeling is the Blue Lagoon , a starfish atoll location on the est coast of the island-Dongwe.
We offer daily snorkeling and starfish trips to the Lagoon ,snorkeling in the blue lagoon discovering with you the stunning underwater world filled of tropical reefs, colorful fish, incredible starfish that you can actually hold. After snorkeling  we offer you on boat a taste of fresh seasonal fruits.
Padding on crystal clear blue waters with an endless  horizon in front of you and blue lagoon beach behind you, is something that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the unique feeling it gives you.
From the beach in front you can jump into one of our kayaks (provided peer) and discover this feeling for yourself. Depending or your level of experience you can either stay close to shore of paddle out to the edge of the reef. As you move  through the water you will be able to look down  into the ocean below and watch finish swimming  underneath your kayak and be able to see coral sea urchins.
Our trip to the sea ends at a sand bank which is in the middle of the sea, have a photo break in the wonderful sandy area surrounded by the best turquoise waters.
The whole trip from the starting point in Dongwe is 3km, a half-day and includes: life jackets, masks & flippers, drinkings & water, local exotic fruits.
Price: 120$ for 2 people

Discover Zanzibar by Bike

Let us guide and pedal along with you through the islands small traditional villages. Get a glimpse of how locals live and enjoy life.
Jozani Forest - meet monkeys in their natural habitat
Still bicycling we head to the Jozani national park where red monkey live and meet tourists. 
Bike to Jozani and village tour is 2 hours, includes guide and is:
50$ per person
90$ for 2 people
120$ for 3 people
Later on we can pedal to see the sunset and at The Rock restaurant 
  • 25$ per person
  • 40$ for 2
  • 60$ for 3
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Single Kayaks

1 Hour = $25
2 Hours = $34
4 Hours = $53
All Day = $70

  • Life jacked included

  • All day - up to 8 hours

Double Kayaks

1 Hour = $35
2 Hours = $45
4 Hours = $72
All Day = $90

  • Life jacked included

  • All day - up to 8 hours


Bicycle Half-Day = $20
Bicycle Full-Day = $20
Full-Face Mask = $5/hour
Flippers = $8/hour
Mask + Flippers = $10

  • All day - up to 8 hours

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